iCal Tutorial: Introduction

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Welcome to: iCal, the Internet Calendar

iCal is a web-based calendar that you can use to show meetings, events, or other activity. Your calendars can be viewed, edited, and administered totally through the web. iCal is build for thin-clients, so you access your calendar without any plug-ins or java interpreters.

There are many uses for iCal; you can post a calendar of your company's events on the Internet, create a conference room schedule within your company, University and k12 school activities, create a schedule for your family, make a personal schedule, or just about anything else.

iCal is versatile. You can change the colors and presentation of the calendar and events to suit your own style! You can view your calendar in a grid or in a list, and by year, month, week, or day. How you view your calendar is up to you!

Partial feature list:
  • For Internet, Intranet, or single-computer use
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Create independent calendar sets
  • Dynamically merge multiple calendars into a single view
  • Built in security
  • Email notification and reminders
  • Events tentatively submitted for approval before posting
  • Multiple calendar views: year, month, week, day, planner
  • Multiple event types: single day, duration, periodic
  • Engineered for thin clients

  • If this is your first time using iCal, please take a few minutes and step through the tutorial. The tutorial will guide you through some of iCal's features, and you will be creating your web-based calendar in no time!

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