iCal Tutorial: Email Notification

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iCal supports email notification. The email capability is an optional feature. A couple of basic requirements to use the Email notification capabilities.
    1. iCal must be run on an NT/2000/XP
    2. An SMTP server must be accessible for sending Email

There are several features wrapped around email notification.
 1. Auditing calendar activity. This allows the administrator of a calendar to be notified when events are added, update or deleted.
 2. You can notify people when events are added or updated. A person who adds or updates an event to a calendar can have information emailed to any number of people.
 3. Event Reminders. You can select to be reminded of upcoming events. You can be notified from 15 minutes to two weeks in advance.

The Email Configuration page is were you can enable Email for the iCal system. On this page you will define the SMTP mail server and a few other optional values. When the email system is enabled, the main administration screen for each calendar will have a link to an Email Notification setup form. This will allow custom Email configuration for each calendar.

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