iCal Tutorial: Calendar Configuration

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You can customize your iCal Calendar by changing your calendar's titles, headers, footers, colors, and display style.

Configure your calendar by going to the calendar's Admin screen. Do this by typing in the URL: http://{iCal Machine}/{your Calendar}/admin or click here: Configure Default Calendar (This brings up the administration menu for the default calendar.)

Here's an overview of the available configuration options:

Display Options Customize how your calendar appears
General Settings Specify the calendar's language, options and description
Title, Header, Footer Specify the text for the title, header and footer of the calendar
Month/Day headings Change the titles for the days of the week and months
Colors Change the color of text and backgrounds
Fonts Change the fonts
Event Categories Specify and activate event categories
Add-Ins Specify which pre-defined events to include on the calendar
Include Calendars Dynamically include data from other calendars
Planner Configuration Specify details of the planner view
Security Specify who can edit your calendar
Email Notification Settings for email reminders and event notification
Subscription Allow users to subscribe for email notification of calendar events
Delete Month Events Removes all events on a calendar month
Publish Calendar Publish static html calendar files for a given date range
Data Importing Import calendar data from text files.
Data Exporting Export calendar data to text files.

The main admininstration page of each calendar also contains a link to the Global Administration. This is where new calendars can be created and deleted. This is also where the global setup for email, categories and calendar groups are defined. When iCal is registered, the registration name and number are required to gain access to this menu.

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