iCal Tutorial: Adding Events

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Adding events to your calender is easy! First, scroll to the day for which you want to add an event, then click on the day's number (In the example below, the number: 1 to enter events for Monday, or: 2 to enter events for Tuesday).

Sunday Monday Tuesday
1 2
<-- Clicking on the day brings up a list of the days events.

Click the Create link to get to a new event entry form. Type in your event text, then click the [Save] button. Your new events will then be shown to anyone who accesses your calendar!

Event Types
There are three different types of events that you can add to your calendars:
DailyThese are events that occur for a single day
DurationThese are events that happen over a period of time, such as a conference or a vacation
PeriodicThese are events that happen periodically, such as a Thursday morning meeting every week or a payday that happens on the 15th and 30th of each month

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